Multi-purpose ocean monitoring station with renewable energy generation

A modular offshore solution to monitor ocean environment and accelerate marine spatial planning.



Optimising the FLORA system design and notably integrate a 5 kW wave energy generator, a marinised 4.5 kW PV solar system and a 21.6 kWh storage capacity.


Building, assembly and deployment of the FLORA station at PLOCAN test site for a test in real-sea conditions. The device will be operated during several months.


The demostration will allow to validate the device and its equipment performances. Key outputs and benefits will consolidate the product business plan with the objective of securing 1st customers.

Composite Solutions

Develops composite platforms for marine applications


Develops smart hybrid power solutions for marine applications


Environmental consultancy specialized in the coastal and marine environment

Laminak Energy

Offers bussiness consultancy in support the development of ocean energy projects

Wedge Global

Innovative technology and services provider for the marine energy market


The enviromental and energy services made possible by this multi solution are in direct demand from several actors in the blue economy; specifically offshore wind developers, enviromental NGOs and environmental authorities alike who need more accurate enviromental impact data.

The FLORA project will produce an industrial-scale prototype of a novel multi-use platform: a 10 kW self-energising, multi-sensing ocean station capable of producing an Anual Energy Production (AEP) of 25MWh to power its oceanographic data services. The main innovation is the technical configuration of a hybridised energy converter that supports and electrifies a 3D bird radar as well as underwater environmental sensors. Moreover, the station has a 21.6kWh battery storage capacity wich can sustain self-consumption for approximately 30 hours.



Public deliverables from the FLORA project will be available below:

Deliverable D17 (D5.2): Project Factsheet

Project manager
Roger Espejo

Communication officer
Marlene Moutel

The FLORA project is co-funded by the EMFAF programme of the European Unión under grant agreement No 101077554