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The SEATITAN project aims at making a step-change in the wave energy sector by designing, building, testing and validating a crosscutting and innovative Direct Drive Power Take-Off (PTO) solution to be used with multiple types of wave energy converter

An innovative New PTO

The overall objective of the SEA-TITAN project is to make a step change in the wave energy sector by designing, building, testing and validating an innovative second generation Direct Drive Linear Electric Generator Power Take-Off solution

The concept

The technical concept underpinning SEA-TITAN proposal comprises the development of a disruptive linear electric direct drive power take-off (PTO) for wave energy converters (WEC). The innovative type of PTO proposed is an Azimuthal Multitranslator Switched Reluctance Machine (AMSRM) that will be complemented by the appropriate power electronic converters and control platform to develop the power transformation from the mechanical power in the WEC to the electric power supplied into the grid.

This invention is both novel and inventive, achieving three substantial improvements compared to current tubular generators and non-direct drive systems:

  • Concentrated and static coils and simpler translator made just of magnetic laminations that means a robust and cost effective solution,
  • Higher density force without the use of permanent magnets, by using a multitranslator topology,
  • Higher power density that means a compact PTO able to fit in the geometry of most wave energy converters.

These improvements will contribute to increased energy production, reduced system mass, increased reliability and increased availability. Together these innovations will reduce significantly the Levelized Cost-of-Energy (LCOE) delivered by the SEA-TITAN crosscutting PTO system.

SEA-TITAN is created to accelerate the advent of wave energy by opening the innovation process to the open source community by means of the implementation of an open business, which facilitates the technology development, providing free use of patents by other competitors (Wave Energy Technology Developers), the ones who are in the Consortium or additional companies willing to join in the future.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 764014